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  • Flower back piece by Shelby Ferguson at 717 tattoo

  • Boho

  • Boho

    A reminder of my 2 heritages; Indonesian and NZ and what colors can do to make your body more beautiful

  • Girly Dragon

    It is a cover up. The dragon represents my personality.

  • Autumn Leaves

  • Pheonix

    So far I have had seven detailed sessions and several more to go for one very large epic tattoo I have always wanted of a pheonix. It symbolizes the freedom and creative side I love about myself. The beauty of… [ read more ]

  • Lucky you; of stars & sea

    The quote is inspired from a poem by Gerard Butler. (“Everyone you fear is 70% water, and everyone you love is made of stardust.”) I think it’s inspiring how octopuses can, and will, adapt to or get out of a… [ read more ]

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