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  • Rising when i fall by Corry Norris

    This tattoo is something I have always wanted, having a rough childhood, to my parents spilting up, to losing my grandma and my best friend really brought my world to a all time low for a long time. Getting this… [ read more ]

  • spring scene

    I absolutely love the color in this tattoo! Spring is my favorite season, when everything comes to life especially my spirit ♥

  • I will survive

  • Day of the dead

  • Lupus Butterfly

    Dedicated to my step mother who lives with Lupus. A purple butterfly is the symbol for Lupus and I chose seafoam green for the “E”s (her initials) in the wings because green is her favorite color. I love how the… [ read more ]

  • IMG_20130430_203312

    Tribute to my daughter and son who are the loves of my life, after the death of their father. My daughter protects her brother and loves him with all her heart.

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