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  • sharky

  • Dali by caio romero

  • Painted Eye

    Ive always wanted an eye tattoo but something different. I saw something similar to this and had to have it done.

  • Mysterious pope by Qtattoo Lee

    By Dongkyu Lee aka Q. At Cloak & Dagger Tattoo in London.

  • Shinner Bmx Jellyfish

    This tattoo describes who I am and how I like to live my life. I like to flow with the life also jellyfish has this electricity power that means for me that even in the darkest moments I keep calm… [ read more ]

  • Dragon

    It’s located on my right arm, and super sexy. It’s colorful dragon that’s super hot on my skin !

  • gipsy

    In a very dark period for me, I decided to tattoo “she”, to remind me to have the strength to go on and be strong, a bit like a gypsy who follows his time, I have to find my own…. [ read more ]

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