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  • Skull tattoo

  • dreamcatcher

    I collect dreamcatchers and strongly believe in their power. I bought this exact dreamcatcher on my first trip to Los Angeles, CA and it is my favorite one to date.

  • Cat by Zsolt Sarkozi (Dark Art Tattoo)

    I found my sweet cat in a site for demolition, she had only two weeks and she grabbed my pants… this tattoo is sentimental. Made by M.Zsolt Sarkozi from Dark Art Tatoo based at Budapest, Hungary.

  • Colors hearts

    All the love in my live

  • human dignity is inviolable

    This tattoo was created by a Rhesus Monkey. Here is the Making Of:

  • dedication

    dedication to my mother who has been fighting lupus for years.. got this tattoo of a hummingbird and her favorite flowers with her favorite colors.

  • luffy and chopper