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  • Panda ShiShi

    It’s me years ago and the dates are my parents birthdates.

  • apocalypse

    This tattoo for me represents mother earth, so sickened by what we have done to her that she is watching the disaster unfold from afar.

  • Soul of planets

    I’ve been waiting this tattoo for a long time, this is just when they finished doing, has great significance for me as it is the first tattoo I’ve done that each of the planets is a part of me, shows… [ read more ]

  • Jaybird

    It represents my name (Jay – J – for Janette). & my love of nature

  • Scropion Tattoo

  • Tobias the Tiger

    Fierceness, pride and loyalty

  • Flight of freedom

    The butterflies symbolise a sense of freedom for me, plus my hip is the sexiest place for a tattoo. The jade flower on my arm is for my daughter