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  • In memory

  • Rose

  • Grandpa Love

    This tattoo for me is the memory of my granpa, he died the last year and he was a sailor.

  • side piece husband wife

    This tattoo represents my husband and I. It has our wedding flowers and our song.

  • tattooed parents

    This is a dedication two my daughters. Started in January 2010 and still on going. Most recient was neck in July 2014. All ink done by Josh at Sink or Swim Sandgate, Brisbane, Australia.

  • Alex Grey & E.A.Poe Inspired Maccbre

    An Alex Grey inspired piece based on the soul, death and spirituality with influence and some subject from Edgar A. Poe. As a fan of Alex Greys work, from seeing my first Tool Album cover as a teenager, I loved… [ read more ]

  • Panda ShiShi

    It’s me years ago and the dates are my parents birthdates.

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