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  • Soundwave

    This was the first Soundwave transformer I’ve ever done.

  • The Amazing Spiderman Issue #75

    Growing up my family and I were poor and all my money that I made from any thing I did went to Spiderman Comics. Spiderman helped me get through some tough times. No matter what was going on, I could… [ read more ]

  • Superboy Prime Infinite Crisis #6

    This is one of the most controversial characters in DC history. Love him or hate him this alternate version of a Superman is one tough dude.

  • Wolverine

    My nephew is named Logan and I have a temper like Wolverine. I got this tattoo in one 6 hour session. The tattoo artist posted it on his MySpace page with the caption ” I don’t know who’s tougher”.

  • Deadpool

    My name is Brandon Gilliand and………………..DEADPOOL IS THE SHIT! nuf’ said

  • Iron Man over NYC

    Big fan of Iron Man since being a kid and i’m from NYC

  • Harley Quinn

    I am a massive Batman and comic book collector. This tattoo was my 30th birthday present to myself.

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