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  • le petit princes

  • Green lantern

    Green lantern was my idol as a child and I wanted a constant reminder to keep part of my childhood alive. What better way to do than with a tattoo, and Lars Lundquist from 3rd street inksmith and Rogers in… [ read more ]

  • Superman Kissing Lois Lane

    This is my first tattoo. ;the original picture was wonder woman and superman;My wife has been always been my Lois Lane. So I had the artist change wonder woman to Lois hours of work.over 4 sessions ;I love Superman. my… [ read more ]

  • Xxx

  • image

    To me the villain makes the super hero. Hero’s must be tested constantly to truly see what their made of. So the crazier the villain the better the hero will ultimately be. Carnage is the one villain of spiderman that… [ read more ]

  • DeadpoolWM

  • 533820_333737953388275_1582678

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