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  • personal

    This tattoo is a collective expression of important things in my life.

  • Back piece

  • unsinkable

    My grandfather was in the Navy & my parents spend a lot of time on their boats. My family keeps me grounded and help me keep my way, this is for them, my mother and step father in particular. They… [ read more ]

  • Basic me

    Wow, where to start. I made my sleeve myself when I was very young. I started drawing it for fun and for quite a few years I waited for the perfect memories to go into filling the gaps. It became… [ read more ]

  • compass

  • Compass phase one

    I am finding myself more and more recently. The compass is the sign of the wanderer. And thats how I feel in my life. Always wandering.

  • The Thing I Want Most

    This is a cover up. I have always wanted a compass and flowers. The quote that really made me want it was from the Pirates of the Caribbean “the thing I want most”. I soon will get that added on… [ read more ]