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  • Horror chick cover up

    A cover up from my first tattoo i took drunk in gran canaria, which was a puzzle piece (covered in the hearth/hand/blood). Was a challenge as it was very dark colours with a hard red color, but after some sessions… [ read more ]

  • Crocus Flowers

    A vivid showcase of my work with color and cover ups.

  • Hungry Great White

    Ever since seeing Jaws when it was first released as a pre-teen, I developed a love for sharks (yes,I cried when they killed Jaws.) Since then I have become passionate in the conservation of all sharks. During shark week on… [ read more ]

  • Cover Up

    I love that its looks like a painting. It’s washes away the past for a better future.

  • old rose cover up

    this tattoo covered up old memories

  • Borneo scorpion

  • Borneo scorpion

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