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  • Beast Scar CoverUp

    On my lady’s arm to embellish self harm scars.

  • Cover up

  • Owl Cover Up

    This tattoo is significant to me because it covered up a poorly done tattoo. I find it awesome when you can take something that seems hopeless and turn it into something beautiful.

  • Rose cover up

    Covering up a name is always hard to do! Not because of the person but because you want something to look so beautiful but are very limited with what you can do in regards to the tattoo. This artist picked… [ read more ]

  • Tiger cover

    I had a hideous triple goddess that looked like bio-hazard symbol that I got cover with a tiger. My dad always called me his little tiger and I have a fondness of white tigers.

  • Cover Up

    This is a cover up that i’ve wanted for a long time. My son loves skulls and the rose is for my Mom who passed away.

  • eye of the soul

    This was a cover up I got done on my chest. The artist who originally did my chest did not do it right. I spent years looking for an artist to fix it. I finally found an artist I felt… [ read more ]

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