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  • Cover up

    Life changing cover up.

  • The Olive Branch

    I had a 30 year old rose that I hated from the day I got. Got this beautiful cover up Nov. 3rd. from Artist and owner of Beloved Studios St. Paul, MN, Brandon Heffron. It is truly a life changing… [ read more ]

  • Sleeve so far

  • angel cover up

  • War Elephant Watercolor

    The tattoo is still unfinished but it is a coverup. I have a messy past and have finally cleaned up on my own and the war elephant stands for the battle I had to fight to get to where I… [ read more ]

  • Koi cover

    I had to cover a drunken tattoo.

  • Erin

    It is my best friends name Erin, she is the most beautiful women in my eyes.