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  • Cover Up

    This tattoo covered up a “mistake” in my life and I credit my guardian angel for seeing me through the difficult times and helping to make me the person I am today. The angel is kneeling because he is tired… [ read more ]

  • biomec coverup

    Im an automotive technician i have a love for machines and their inner workings so having it look like im built with mechanical parts really appealed to me

  • Las Peonias

    I had a large scar on my hip from being violently thrown out of a car. It was a painful memory, and getting this tattoo was a beautiful healing experience.

  • Covering the d

    Everyone deserves a tattoo that they like and can enjoy.

  • Roses

  • Roses

  • Wedding Ring Coverup

    This is my wedding ring coverup. It was done wrong the first time and I finally found an artist who was up for the job. I am in love with it!

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