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  • Las Peonias

    I had a large scar on my hip from being violently thrown out of a car. It was a painful memory, and getting this tattoo was a beautiful healing experience.

  • Covering the d

    Everyone deserves a tattoo that they like and can enjoy.

  • Roses

  • Roses

  • Wedding Ring Coverup

    This is my wedding ring coverup. It was done wrong the first time and I finally found an artist who was up for the job. I am in love with it!

  • image

    This tattoo signifies a tragic event that our family has come thru. The fish is representative of myself swimming upwards, breaking free( the anchor)with Gods help( the hands) towards my strength that kept me going,my children( the swallows) and my… [ read more ]

  • ttttaaattt

    This tattoo is not only a cover up but also my favorite of all my tattoos. It’s a Leopard over looking African land. I am big into African animal conservation and just animal conservation and protection in general. I also… [ read more ]