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  • cross

    My fav tattoo for now

  • By @blacvts on @amykhate

    Special piece by @blackcvts on @amykhate.

  • On the cross

    It to me shows how God sacrificed his son so he could live in us all.

  • celtic cross

  • When everything seems to be falling apart it may actually be falling into place. Just have faith, hope and love.

    That if you keep your faith and have faith anything is possible. When you life seems to be falling apart it may be falling into place it all depends on your attitude and how you deal with life’s trials and… [ read more ]

  • Heritage

    Tattoo put into a picture my background/heritage, beliefs, and support for the troops

  • When my Father became my angel

    This tattoo was a cover up of a smaller cross and wings, all in memory of my Father. The significance of the clock is that at 2:10 am, he became my angel. To honor the life of my Father on… [ read more ]

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