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  • Faith Love commitment

    cross roads in my life where I found that my faith and commitment mean a lot to me

  • Side Piece “Grandmother Memorial, First Tattoo”

    This tattoo was my first, which makes it already very special but this tattoo is also a memorial for my grandmother. I had wanted a tattoo for awhile, but I never imagined that this would be my first. My grandma… [ read more ]

  • Jesus and the two thieves

    My faith

  • Jesus and the two thieves

    My faith

  • My 4 recent ones

    The writing on my arm says ‘life is a beautiful struggle sometimes you’ve got to fall before you can fly’ the name on my wrist is of my baby, the tattoo behind my ear is the thyroid cancer ribbon and… [ read more ]

  • Back Cross

    Personal design inked by Ray in Plattsburgh, NY

  • Country Chaos

    Remembrance of people who have been lost in my life. The anagrams are symbols I’ve needed to get through my life.