• a daughters love

    My mother and I have this matching tattoo ♡

  • The Crown

    The lady in every man’s life is his mother. In the end only she stays with you no matter what.

  • New Boxers!

    These are all of my favorite tattoos that I’m proud to show off.

  • One Love

    Me and my boyfriend got matching tattoos, I believe I only have one person to love as my significant other and he is that “one love”

  • my tattoos

  • An Empires Death

    I’m from Russia, was an orphan there for 7 years in an orphanage and saw the harsh reality of my country. I decided to get something that would signify my hate for communism: the skull is mother Russia her crown… [ read more ]

  • Lion with Crown

    It represents my strength with surviving everything that has happened in my life and I’m ready for what ever life throws at me.


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