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  • Dizzid’s hand

  • Voodoo Dolls

    Each Tattoo Has A Different Meaning My Obsession With The Devil And Voodoo Dolls And Much More.

  • My Prince Name

    Well My Son Mean The World To Me And He Is My Prince

  • big heart

    It Was A Big Day My Clients She Really Broke Throw A lot Of Thing With what She Could Handel With Pain And I think Life To.

  • Permanent throne

    All my tattoos have major significance to me. This tattoo is taken after I recovered from a 2 month vision loss due to a concussion. I wanted to get a tattoo that the vision loss had made me a stronger… [ read more ]

  • Pitbull Repersenting my Brother

    For My Brother i got it cause when i think of him this image always pops in my head because he has a great love for pitbull and he hold himself up true and wise like a king

  • Lion half sleeve in progress

    It represent strength and courage. Strength represented by the lion and courage represented by the heart.

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