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  • work

    I love my sleeve .. It tells a story .. My whole life in art.

  • Day of the dead girl

    Represents the image of a make up artist! It’s realism mixed with surrealism!! Just a piece I really love done by Nico negron

  • roz’s sugar skull

    first arm tattoo. i really wanted a sugar skull for ages like a couple of years but never found one i liked enough to have inked. when i saw this beauty i knew i had to have it. it took… [ read more ]

  • Start of my sleeve

  • Day of the Dead back piece

    Artist Ian Rose @Universal Tattoo Ottawa,Canada

  • Till death do us part

    A lot of people seem to get married and divorced as if it’s an everyday thing. I love the fact that in the good old days when people got married the phrase ’till death do us part’ was true. The… [ read more ]

  • day of the dead angel

    Its for my grandmother.

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