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  • Flowers..? Sorry, I have a bat!

  • Progress

    Because you can’t tell me I can’t.

  • Lady Liberty

    That freedom is never free and the price we pay for freedom is often dark.

  • Time waits for no one

    Time waits for no one! Live now.

  • Sleeve in progress by Dan Henk

    My twin brother overdosed on heroin june 3rd 2013. This is a dedication sleeve to us. From organic to a decent into hell on how both our lives were tortured. My sacrifices and his inner demons were twin bonded as… [ read more ]

  • Toxix Pits

  • Revelations 6:8

    To me this tattoo is a constant reminder of why life is valuable. I’ve been to Afghanistan, seen some crazy stuff, and have came back in one piece. It reminds me death is unavoidable, and to take each day as… [ read more ]