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  • Lazy days in bed

    It’s myself in art form

  • The start of a back piece

    It’s the constant battle I have within me. Good vs. evil

  • Good vs. Evil

    My right sleeve is a zombie apocalypse. It’s dark. My left half sleeve (unfinished) is a tree of life. It’s full of beautiful creatures and lots of color. My chest has the quote “Omertà” on it. It’s the code of… [ read more ]

  • Alex Grey & E.A.Poe Inspired Maccbre

    An Alex Grey inspired piece based on the soul, death and spirituality with influence and some subject from Edgar A. Poe. As a fan of Alex Greys work, from seeing my first Tool Album cover as a teenager, I loved… [ read more ]

  • Good and the Bad

    My theme is Good and Bad, Right arm being good, Left being bad, this is some of much more ink.

  • Angry Rage

    At the end of the 1990s, life has bring me to a place where I did’nt wanted to go. Years later, I took my life back to where I want it and promised me that I would never go there… [ read more ]

  • death

    trying to go a good and evil from one side to the other with a life after death theme also

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