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  • Alex Grey & E.A.Poe Inspired Maccbre

    An Alex Grey inspired piece based on the soul, death and spirituality with influence and some subject from Edgar A. Poe. As a fan of Alex Greys work, from seeing my first Tool Album cover as a teenager, I loved… [ read more ]

  • Good and the Bad

    My theme is Good and Bad, Right arm being good, Left being bad, this is some of much more ink.

  • Angry Rage

    At the end of the 1990s, life has bring me to a place where I did’nt wanted to go. Years later, I took my life back to where I want it and promised me that I would never go there… [ read more ]

  • death

    trying to go a good and evil from one side to the other with a life after death theme also

  • Skeleton in Heartagram

    I love skulls and skeletons and the heartagram to me represents love and hate. The way the skeleton is on my tattoo represents the stress that comes when stuck in between these two things. The tattoo artist’s ability to bring… [ read more ]

  • The Reaper

    Since I was very young I have been through a lot of life and death experiences. This female reaper represents that, she is also holding the world in one hand and the scales in the other. This represents my astrologic… [ read more ]

  • Mars Attacks!

    another addition to my tim burton sleeve ;p

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