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  • Purple Lipped Demon Girl

    My Dark Side. Part of what will be a full sleeve by Rob C of Valley Ink Fortitude Valley Brisbane Australia

  • Purple Lipped Demon Girl

    My dark side.

  • Demon on sleeve in progress by Dan Henk

  • Sacrificed Demon

    Its a fallen from grace type concept to denote the fact i used to be very religious and now i dont agree with it whatsoever.

  • Angels and Demons

    When I was 19 in 1993 I had a minotaur tattoo started by a friend of mine that I was a tattoo artist. We both agreed on a price and I paid up front before we started the piece. After… [ read more ]

  • Inked

    Hmm it’s a few, done during the last 14 years so that’s a long answer. It’s not only the actual meaning of the pictures but the times around when the tattoo was done. What you self remember, going through different… [ read more ]

  • the darkness

    I got a tattoo of an angel on one arm and a demon on the other to signify the light and darkness in us all

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