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  • my story

    My struggle, strength to overcome

  • Lady Diamond

    symbolizes the rich, beautiful and strong woman

  • Pop Art Pinky Red

    My journey of life is in this ink

  • Unbreakable

    It reminds me that nothing or no one has been able to break me. Even tho the y have done n said some hurtful shit. I was able to over come all. N till today it reminds me that I… [ read more ]

  • Arm sleeve outline

    Artist : Matthew Fragner (Matthew Inked) at Art In Soul in New Paltz NY.

  • heart shape diamond

    It shows my ability to do realism.

  • Sparrow Rose Diamond

    I’ve gotten three tattoos to represent the relationship between my best friend/wife. It all started when she got the word “Love” tattooed on the back of her neck, and the “o” as a heart. I wanted something to represent love… [ read more ]