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  • Ariel

    Be who you want to be, whether it’s a fish in the water or a pretty princess, always be you!

  • Snow White

    the Snow White tattoo means to me, represents my childhood since she was my favourite and always with be my childhood princess

  • Alice In Wonderland

  • Snow White

  • Disney sleeve.

    I got the disney sleeve because for years since i was young my family took me to disneyworld in Orlando . It was my grans favourite place . She sadly passed away from lung cancer . The tattoo is in… [ read more ]

  • Disney Good and Bad

    I am a huge Disney fan and always have been since I can remember, these tattoos dont have a particular meaning but I just like knowing they are there and that a part of me will never grow up. I… [ read more ]

  • Disney’s Fantasia

    For years, I have been a huge Disney fan and I thought that having scenes from Fantasia would be a great homage to Disney and Mickey Mouse. The tattoo was done at Renaissance Tattoo in Woonsocket by Doug

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