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  • Disney tattoo

    It’s a tattoo I did to remember my childhood, had a difficult one but seemed good when I watched a disney movie.

  • Day of the Dead Snow White

  • Hidden Mickey

    what can i say im obsessed with Disney

  • Ariel

    So many memories of watching the little mermaid with my grandmother and uncle, i loved it.

  • Cinderella

    i am quite Disney obsessed, and hope to get a whole sleeve. i grew up watching Disney movies with my grandmother and ive been in love ever since

  • Anatomy of Donald Duck

    When i saw the Disney Tattoos Post on Facebook i thought i could share mine. Donald Duck is my absolute childhood hero and when my tattoo artist and me saw this picture, we both knew that it belonged on my… [ read more ]

  • Ariel

    Growing up as a strong, independent, rebellious redhead, Ariel was my Disney idol!

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