• Foo Dog

    Art by my boy Sergio Alveraz

  • Pit bull cover up

    My name is Cameron Harris aka (Tattoos by Cam) I have been tattooing for 4 years after my 3 year apprenticeshp and never had a chance to tattoo a pit bull. Inspired by Brandon Bond and his pit bull rescue,… [ read more ]

  • Dog portrait tattoo by Jackie Rabbit

    Custom Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit @ Eye of Jade Tattoo 319 Main St., Chico, California (530) 343-5233

  • Pretty Pitbull

    Pitbulls are awesome dogs and they need to be seen for what they are; kind, loving, loyal and beautiful!

  • Simba James

    It symbolizes my love for my pets and that they are not just my pets, but they are my children as well!

  • Llewelyn Setter

  • Pitbull Repersenting my Brother

    For My Brother i got it cause when i think of him this image always pops in my head because he has a great love for pitbull and he hold himself up true and wise like a king


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