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  • Watercolor husky

    This is a portrait of my fur baby luka. I wanted the water color background to represent his vibrant and emotional personality. He’s a hyperactive puppy but also my little night time hunter. Tattoo done by: Zack Carpenter

  • Dog portrait

  • My dog and cat realism tattoos

    These are my pets I had done in remembrance.

  • The pit bull (first session)

    This is an animal that is very important to my client.she had to do it in two sessions so its unfinished but anything that means something to my clients means something to me

  • Toka Bear

    My dogs are my life. I finally decided to breed breed her to one of my male. She had her litter and eight days later she passed away. My girlfriend and I bottle fed all her puppies. All of them… [ read more ]

  • Shark Bite

    Portrait of Galaxy (Chihuahua/dachshund) wearing a shark costume by Craig Beasley done at the 2014 Jacksonville tattoo convention

  • Family Dog

    It is a very large leap in my color realism & it was a walk-in on an open minded client!

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