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  • Sleeves in progress

  • Psychedelic Buddha

    This tattoo represents the way in which I see spirituality intertwined with psychedelic experience. It also represents trust. Trust in my friend and tattoo artist Eli who I gave almost complete freedom.

  • Hand Mandalas

    The flower of life is a key component in our existence and it reminds me that we are all one and we are all significant beings.

  • darth vader dot work

    my love for star wars has never been stronger and i finally now have my dream tattoo to show it

  • Chest/ stomach piece

    The eye of providence on my chest represents the all seeing eye of god, I also have written inside the triangle in Latin; nothing lasts forever, so live to live, which is quite self explanatory meaning always live life to… [ read more ]

  • Underboob tatto by Dodie

  • Burning cabin

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