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  • Third Dimension

    The roman numerals are the birthday’s of my parents, the patterns/mandalas represent the universe and the roses represent timeless beauty.

  • Globemallow Flower

    The flower is special to me because I found it hiking through the Grand Canyon asked the name as it was my grandma’s favorite wildflower. The rest of the design was created by Daniel Meyer and I loved what he… [ read more ]

  • Dotwork

  • life cycle

    cycle of life , from birth to death

  • Blackwork Palm Tattoo by Sylvain Proulx

    A beautiful design by my friend Sylvain Proulx from Tattoo Lounge in Montreal

  • Dotwork Ankh

    I’m obsessed with Egyptology and dotwork, so after years of wanting this tattoo, I finally got this beauty, the only bad thing about it is that I forget it’s there!

  • Sternum

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