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  • Dragon

    This tattoo represent the strength and courage from my past. The unconditional love and power I have for myself. The connection of two souls in one.

  • Sharpie Dragin

    This is my 10 year old son. He loves all my tattoos and wanted one of his own… so I drew this on his back for him.

  • Vivid dragon tattoo back ink

    This is a Chinese dragon tattoo

  • The way of the dragon

    For me this tattoo is about an expression of beauty. I have always loved oriental images and this tattoo is a result of that. It started off just as the dragon with the ying-yang symbol (I am a Gemini so… [ read more ]

  • Dragon Sleeve

    I am the dragon, the 6 outlined stars are m,y family and everything else is my struggle.

  • Dragon in the Canyon

    Dragons express dominance and power with their size and protective/territorial personalities. And at the same time, they are beautiful creatures with how their wings and tails move them gracefully through the heavens.

  • Fairy Dragon

    A fairy dragon is the smallest of dragons, lives primarily in forests, plays _harmless_ practical jokes on travelers. I love to play harmless practical jokes on my friends, often the joke ends with some benefit to my friends, such as… [ read more ]

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