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  • Ryu Dragon Sleeve by Horisuzu

  • Full back Dragon

    Got it while in South Korea. It’s symbolism for a made up dragon off of Dragon Ball z in my own eyes. My dragon can make my wishes come true.

  • Dragon

  • Chasing the Dragon

    It is the best artwork on my body. This was done by Chris Savage, owner of Blackbird Tattoo in Cincinnati, OH.

  • Beach waves and rays

    The dragon is for my daughter. Her name means in Japanese, blessed dragon. The orb it’s holding represents a new spirit which was for her younger sister who I had problems with during my pregnancy and she made it through…. [ read more ]

  • Right Upper Sleeve Cover-Up

    Covering up crap with something worth while. Symbolism of dragons encompasses all that we want to achieve, strength, wisdom, protection.

  • Geisha, dragon, Japanese

    First of all my brother, Rick Godsey, who has been a professional tattoo artist in Arizona at club tattoo for over 17 years, and now at Damaged Ink in Arizona, was the one to do my half sleeve. For me… [ read more ]

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