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  • Yin/Yang Dragon Tattoo

  • Girly Dragon

    It is a cover up. The dragon represents my personality.

  • dragons

    Fierce strength

  • The Dragon Lady’s Pet

    I am the Dragon Lady. I have dragons everywhere in my apartment, I have two Chinese Water Dragons, and my son was born the year of the Dragon. I’ve been obsessed with dragons since I was 10 years old. I… [ read more ]

  • Dragon

    Dragons represent wisdom and unity with the spirit.

  • Fire Dragon / Dragon Eye

    This is actually two tats and they were my first. The start of my elemental dragon series.

  • Water Dragon

    This is one of my elemental dragons. A series that I am working on and almost have completed. It was also my first attempt with a new artist and I loved the outcome. The Dragon is a western dragon and… [ read more ]

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