• My back and arms

    After living in Okinawa Japan for a couple years I fell in love with the art and since then I keep adding on. I also have a leg piece in progress that is an ocean scene much of which is… [ read more ]

  • Dragon Mask

    It’s a symbol of protection as I am a tiger sign and the dragon had my back.

  • dragon on my upper body

    My first tattoo was a smiley that my best friend on my 14th Birthday tattooed with a simple needle to the right nipple. It hurt like hell, but I wanted to be tattooed, ever since I can remember. Gradually, more… [ read more ]

  • Dragon Tiger – Yin Yang

    How I try to live my life! a reminder to me when I look in the mirror

  • Haiku Dragon

    My best friend drew this dragon for me. She and I have been through just about everything… Done to symbolize wisdom, beauty and strength of our friendship. Artist: John Kosco (Saint Caine, Dropbox) @ Sacred Souls Ink, Denville, NJ.

  • Japanese back piece in progress

    This is traditional Japanese style in progress by Paul Nolin @ Physical Graffiti Linden New Jersey

  • Japanese Anime

    It represents my strength and growth!