• Freehand Dragon Sleeve

  • Honor Bound Inc

    First sleeve by Andrew Graham, close up of dragons face. First real custom work where artist had full control

  • Honor Bound Ink Sleeve

    Overcoming addictions and losing 60lbs. Striving to achieve. Anniversary present from wife after holding out to get to raise kids, grandfather now. Visual appeal

  • Enter the Dragon

    This tattoo means so much to me. It describes my life lessons, of good and evil, friends and foes and what lies behind all deceptions and truths.

  • Dragon

    This pic doesn’t really show the entire tattoo. His tail is a pot plant. When it is finished it’ll be purple and green. It’s my puff the magic dragon

  • Good and evil

    Got it down in North Carolina while i was in the Army after my first deployment.

  • ambigram fire dragon

    the ambigram are the names of my wife, son and daughter. I was born on 03:16:1976 – Year of the fire dragon. the Chinese character below is the John 3:16


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