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  • butterfly dragon

    This was done by Donnie Perry of Milton, ky. I am very proud of this piece mostly because my best friend did it on me.awesome work my friend.

  • Dragons

  • Dragon

  • Demon Angel back with dragons

  • Alexstrasza

    I have just always been fascinated by dragons, the power, the magic, just everything about them. As a kid I had a poorly done tattoo of mushrooms on my shoulder and finally was able to get a coverup done. When… [ read more ]

  • me and my kids

    The Koi is because l like it. The three Dragons are a symbol of me and my kids the boy picked blue the girl picked purple l picked Grey wash. My kids and I have a good thing in common…. [ read more ]

  • Gary the Snail

    My latest completed tattoo is Gary. He is pink, a cat, and a snail. There is the old joke about why women have legs, because we would leave snail trails.. It seemed fitting. As far as the hip tattoos go;… [ read more ]

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