dream catcher

  • dream catcher

  • My dream catcher

    Dreamcatcher: If you decide to get this type of tattoo, or any tattoo at all, you should have good reasons. Remember that tattoos are permanent and they are not to be chosen lightly. Never get a tattoo just because it… [ read more ]

  • Dreams

    This was based on a poem I wrote. The last lines said “I’ll carry a dream catcher with me to keep the monsters away even when I’m awake”

  • Bear Paw Dream Catcher

    I got this tattoo because I am part Native American and I have always loved their art and been fascinated by their cultures and ways of life.

  • Dream catcher

    I like the whole concept and meaning of dream catcher and apply it to other aspects of life, not just dreams. They filter the good things in life and melt aways the bad, same as the paint. I’m an artist,… [ read more ]

  • Dream Catcher

    At a young age dreaming more often than not meant nightmares or night terrors so I alway had an affinity towards dream catchers. Being part Native also made it seem fitting to have a dream catcher tattooed on me. Anyways,… [ read more ]

  • Strength Tattoo

    The dream catcher is my body, the yellow & purple ribbons signify the auto-immune diseases I suffer from (Crohns, Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia). The yellow & purple beads in the web represent the symptoms I deal with daily & the tiger stands… [ read more ]