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  • Mom/daughter tattoo

  • Wooden Dreamcatcher

    The significance of my tattoo is that everydream and hope we have is coming a reality in our lives. Thanks to my girlfriend Karen for the support in everything and the tattoo artist Clint at Inkdrops Malta for his help.

  • Dreamcatcher

  • desirable dreamcatcher

    this piece is exceptionally special because it is my one and only cover up piece. and it was also my first side/rib piece. my second tattoo was a cluster of stars that I’ve been dying to cover up since I… [ read more ]

  • Family dreamcatcher

    My family and I absolutely love dreamcatchers. So I got it for my family and my tattoo artist made it so it would have that inside the dreamcatcher.

  • Lotus Dragonfly

  • Ears

    Pentagram Dreamcatcher – Pentagrams are symbols for protection, and dreamcatchers are used to allow only good dreams to come through. Star – Stars are suns. Suns are beautiful, bright, and support life. I believe suns represent women. 13 – I… [ read more ]

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