• Dreamcatcher “hope”

    I’ve always had a dreamcatcher in my room to get rid of negative energy. This tattoo represents that. My tattoo also says “hope” in the web of it for the fact that I base off a majority of my life… [ read more ]

  • Rose Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoo

    I got this tattoo for my parents after my dad’s thirteenth surgery, his second open heart surgery. He is 46 and my best friend. My parents mean everything to me. So I got this tattoo the rise party for my… [ read more ]

  • pirate dream catcher

  • dreamcatcher

    First tattoo

  • dreamcatcher

    I collect dreamcatchers and strongly believe in their power. I bought this exact dreamcatcher on my first trip to Los Angeles, CA and it is my favorite one to date.

  • Dream Big

    I’ve always been a huge fan of dream catchers and to always be a dream chaser. This tattoo represents the fact that you always have to chase your dreams and you’ll be happier.

  • dreamcatcher

    Indian culture