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  • Guardian of my heart…

    This tattoo is for my daughter “Layla” and it signifies the protection of my heart with a dreamcatcher but also me being the protector of her dreams as she grows older. I am thrilled to be a inked father and… [ read more ]

  • Dream Catcher

  • Howling Wolf

  • Flower of life dream catcher

    Sacred geometry. The way of life.

  • Dreamcatcher

    It represents my Native American tribe Ojibwa. Also I have my family astrology signs in the tattoo. And the birds represent the people that pasted away .

  • Dreamcather

  • Dreamcatcher “hope”

    I’ve always had a dreamcatcher in my room to get rid of negative energy. This tattoo represents that. My tattoo also says “hope” in the web of it for the fact that I base off a majority of my life… [ read more ]