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  • Spiritual Family

    Its showing growth, this is the mark of 6 months of tattooing for Precious at Payneless Tattoos.

  • Realistic Eagle Tattoo

    One of the best realistic tattoos that I have done.

  • American Traditional Eagle Chest Spread

  • Zelda Triforce Hybrid

    The Legend of Zelda has been my favourite game and it will ever be as i grew up with it

  • Family is Forever

    my tattoo represents my family. Each butterfly represents a member of my immediate family, mom, sisters and children. An eagle for my grandpa who passed away and yellow roses for my grandma.

  • Eagle Memories

    My mother passed away when I was just four years old and as I grew up I always had a fascinating with tattoos. I found out when I was 15 that she had these amazing eagle tattoos and I wanted… [ read more ]

  • Collector Dustin Walters, Artist Thomas Hines, Portland

    Another piece by Thomas (Tommy Boy) Hines, Portland, OR. first tattoo collected by Dustin Walters in remembrance of his late grandfather. PORTLAND REPRESENT!

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