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  • Eye of Horus

    For the most part it represents my father. I grew up seeing this symbol on him so it reminds me of my life with him and all that im still learning. Family is what’s held my mind together so representations… [ read more ]

  • In A Different World

    My entire back is dedicated to the ones my heart has lost over the years. From My mother to my grandfather, my dad, and my grandmother. All in a span of 7 years

  • Rose

    The biggest piece done so far by Egyptian tattoo artist Mohamed from Star Ink.

  • Anthropology Sleeve

    I pursued a degree in anthropology and history after my grandfather died. It had always been his lifelong dream to study culture and unfortunately he was unable to, but his passion was passed on to me and I was able… [ read more ]

  • Red sun, Red moon, Red disc

    This tattoo, to me shows the beauty and serenity that this land, people, and the ancients. The name of the Great Queen means “Beautiful”. 18th Dynasty, Royal Age. Nefertari’s was the great royal life of the heretic king, Akenenaten and… [ read more ]

  • Tut

    A good convergence of separate elements

  • falcon

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