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  • falcon

  • Dotwork Ankh

    I’m obsessed with Egyptology and dotwork, so after years of wanting this tattoo, I finally got this beauty, the only bad thing about it is that I forget it’s there!

  • Egyptian Half skull half pharoa

    I’ve always been fascinated with ancient Egyptian culture ever since I was a child. This tattoo is a reminder of my everlasting youth! I got this by Brian K. at platinum ink in Austin, TX

  • Eye of Horuc

    I have always had an obsession with Egypt

  • Bastet

    I got this tattoo on my 24th birthday on Friday the 13th by one of the best artists in town Kristie Lungren. This tattoo is 100% original and unique no one else in the world has anything close to it!… [ read more ]

  • Isis

    I am a very historical multicultural person. I study history and wanted the tattoo of Isis to show feminism, protection and fertility.

  • Ankh and roses

    This tattoo represents the four strong generations of women in my family who were living at one time.