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  • elephant flash water color tattoo

    Baby elephant tattoo done by C.K. Tattoo. Location: Athens, Greece Studio: Black Revolver It’s the youth, the madness, the purity i have as a person and i always wanna remember myself playfull.

  • elephant tattoo

    My mom loves elephants so I wanted my first tattoo to be for her.

  • Ganesh

    I love this piece. I have a fascination with religions from all walks of life and Ganesha would have to be one of my favorites. The dermal in the headdress makes the piece really tie in quite well. Plus, the… [ read more ]

  • My Hidden Family

    This was a custom design that I encorporated my family into. The meanings of their names are all in this design & I am the center of it all: the elephant.

  • Elephant

  • Thai Elephant

    I love this country and culture

  • Thai elephant

    I love this country and culture

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