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  • The Violator

    This tattoo is a tribute to dad who loved drawing and his comics mags.

  • Butterfly

    All my tattoos have all meanings. My neck really signifies me being pretty but I have a dark side. So my whole right arm is with bad things that symbolize my bad side. My left side symbolizes life.

  • Beard Ink by Vru

    Beard is sexy

  • Good and the Bad

    My theme is Good and Bad, Right arm being good, Left being bad, this is some of much more ink.

  • Good and Evil

    To me this stands for the fact that everyone has good and evil in them. Basiclly this is a badass Yin and Yang, it came from the Bands Five Finger Death Punch album cover but I changed it so it… [ read more ]

  • Good and Evil

    It reminds me of the fine line between good and evil but also that the two can interconnect and work together in beautiful harmony! Balance is what we all need in our life~

  • Hear No Evil See No Evil Speak No Evil