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  • Venom

    I’ve been a huge venom fan all my life in the old comics his conical dark sadistic humor always had me laughing

  • silent nurse

    I am a psychiatric nurse and love tattoos. This tattoo seemed to fit my personality pperfectly. It’s a twist on the silent hill nurses

  • The Violator

    This tattoo is a tribute to dad who loved drawing and his comics mags.

  • Butterfly

    All my tattoos have all meanings. My neck really signifies me being pretty but I have a dark side. So my whole right arm is with bad things that symbolize my bad side. My left side symbolizes life.

  • Beard Ink by Vru

    Beard is sexy

  • Good and the Bad

    My theme is Good and Bad, Right arm being good, Left being bad, this is some of much more ink.

  • Good and Evil

    To me this stands for the fact that everyone has good and evil in them. Basiclly this is a badass Yin and Yang, it came from the Bands Five Finger Death Punch album cover but I changed it so it… [ read more ]