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  • bloody mary

    in my country of el Salvador our main religion is Catholicism. my grandmother sadly passed away in a very brutal way so i got the virgin Mary signifying her religion and i added on the bloody tears to symbolize her… [ read more ]

  • Grim reaper

    It’s not complete it’ll go all around my leg. It’s gonna be a cemetery. The neighborhood I grew up in was between 3 cemetery’s. A little something for my friends buried there.

  • stomach/chest piece

    Heaven & Hell Basically getting pulled both ways through life

  • Venom

    I’ve been a huge venom fan all my life in the old comics his conical dark sadistic humor always had me laughing

  • silent nurse

    I am a psychiatric nurse and love tattoos. This tattoo seemed to fit my personality pperfectly. It’s a twist on the silent hill nurses

  • The Violator

    This tattoo is a tribute to dad who loved drawing and his comics mags.

  • Butterfly

    All my tattoos have all meanings. My neck really signifies me being pretty but I have a dark side. So my whole right arm is with bad things that symbolize my bad side. My left side symbolizes life.

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