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  • always watching

    tattoos were drawn by my sister . I will never have any other art put on my body but hers she has this amazing talent . So since she will not sale it I’ll show it off this piece was… [ read more ]

  • portrait of my son’s eye

    This amazing tattoo is a portrait of my son’s eye! It was done by Glory Anderson at Inkestry in Livermore, CA.

  • Lover’s Eye

    Tattoo was free hand designed by my artist..if you notice there are book pages in the heart which represent my love of reading, books, and knowledge, the interior of the heart contains lines from a Pablo Neruda poem that I… [ read more ]

  • eye

  • All Seeing Eye

  • Ins-eye-d Arm Anatomy Half-sleeve

    As a rugby player I have done a lot of damage to this side of my body, well my body in general, so the anatomy portion of it is a huge reminder to keep improving my body every day. The… [ read more ]

  • Muecke Animal Eye