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  • My desires without word!

    It’s my own getaway, a peaceful place of my very own to exscape to on this chaotic world! Every design down to the color and what the picture is actually means something special out of my life,; those great moments!… [ read more ]

  • Mystic fairies

  • Work in progress

    I love fantasy and nature and this is the story of my party life…. 6 different guys have worked on it during the past 4 years while partying a lot. I would like to add fairies, mushrooms, flowers, insects, dwarfs… [ read more ]

  • Sleeves

    My husband picked them and he loved them my husband passed away this year with cancer I would like to get a chest piece in his memory

  • Mothers tattoo without color

    Got this for my two girls and I to signify my single motherhood

  • Sexy Silhouettes

    This tattoo represents my good & bad sides. I have an alter-ego, xXx-ChAse-xXx; of whom walks on the “wild side”.

  • tracey

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