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  • Love of the lillie

    I love fairy’s because they portray a beautiful fairytale image! And her holding a Lillie is absolute art!

  • remembrance

    This tattoo was done as a memorial to my mother who passed away in 09

  • Angel

  • fantasy

    The fairy represents me , I’m a dreamer the butterflies ate for my kids and grandkids .

  • Dragon & Fairy

    The fairy has her own wings which as a skydiver i like and i have the dragon as i was born in the year of the dragon

  • Fairy

    This tattoo just feels like a part of me. I have my artist complete freedom for my back tattoo. He has tattooed me for so many years I knew he would do an amazing job and knew my style very… [ read more ]

  • fairy

    Its is what my best friend had…before she passed away so I got one

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