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  • When everything seems to be falling apart it may actually be falling into place. Just have faith, hope and love.

    That if you keep your faith and have faith anything is possible. When you life seems to be falling apart it may be falling into place it all depends on your attitude and how you deal with life’s trials and… [ read more ]

  • Bright floral

    i wanted to get something to represent my son so the flowers (not the roses) are the September flower which is the month in which my son was born

  • cozART

  • Daughter Inspired

    My 11year old daughter designed the flower in black, grey, and red by freehand drawing. The words are love, faith, honor, and trust. These are the same words engraved on my husbands wedding ring. This tattoo speaks to my soul!!… [ read more ]

  • Religious

    This tattoo is to remind me that i shall keep my faith in whatever situation I am in.

  • Caged in Faith

    We all count on one….

  • photo-3s

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