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  • Swallow

    Family is important to me. This Swallow is dedicated to my mum. Work done at Dr Feelgood Tattoo, Liverpool, UK. Tattoo done by Paul H.

  • In A Different World

    My entire back is dedicated to the ones my heart has lost over the years. From My mother to my grandfather, my dad, and my grandmother. All in a span of 7 years

  • Family Horoscope

    4 Horoscope from my family, Cancer: Father, Capricorn: Mother, Aquarious: Brother, Taurus: Me, Flower: Bride (she has the same flower on her leg). Because everything for the family. The family means everything for me, and thats why I wanted to… [ read more ]

  • Family is Forever

    my tattoo represents my family. Each butterfly represents a member of my immediate family, mom, sisters and children. An eagle for my grandpa who passed away and yellow roses for my grandma.

  • Family

    Love of my family

  • Mom dedication piece

    I got this piece for my mom. Her name is Paris Francine, and obviously one thing that has always signified her name in our family has been the Eiffel Tower. It hasn’t been until recently (the bast 5-10yrs) that ‘Paris’… [ read more ]

  • Flowers, family

    My best friend of more than 30 years & I, got these matching tattoos to show how we truly feel about one another.

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