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  • My Family Sleeve

    My left arm has 6 individual tattoos that represent my dad, mom and lil’ bro. The skull is because we both love the horror genre, the rose with it was his first tattoo, and he’s a bad ass drummer so… [ read more ]

  • bank cover

    It shows many story of my family all powerful moments with them in my own way

  • InMemory

    my chest piece represents my grandparents and great grandmother who have all passed. Both my great grandmother and grandmother (who raised me) passed away from pancreatic cancer. Both of them loves roses. The azalea that is at the bottom is… [ read more ]

  • The ancient tree

    I have several tattoos but this one is the most meaningful of them all. It’s a most cherished family “portrait”, originally and beautifully done by Orlando Gonçalves (Vila Real, Portugal).

  • Familia

    This tattoo remind me my family and my friend. It is my firt tattoo and it’s a big sinification for me.

  • never stop dreaming / family comes first

    Family is everything. Follow your dreams

  • Sleeves/chest

    This is a personal family tree for me including some amazing people I’ve met along the way.

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