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  • It’s not Flesh and Blood but the Heart that makes us Fathers and Sons

    First tattoo dedicated to my parents who adopted me from Russia

  • Color Chest Piece/Forearm

  • family bird

    I thought it would be a great way to pay tribute to my family and my admiration for eagles. The artist was Dustin Johnson at UBX GREENBRIER in Chesapeake, VA.

  • Family in Christ

    I designed this tattoo because our family’s faith is important to us. The cross is our foundation. The butterfly(me), signifies new life that feeds off of Christ ( giver of life ). My heart is in The Lord. My husband… [ read more ]

  • My world water colour

    i got my 3 boys ages 9,7 and 3 and a half to write their names and then i had the water colour added in the back ground to brighten it up a little ill forever be able to have… [ read more ]

  • Raindrop

    Each twinkle is for a loved one that has passed away x

  • Alice In Wonderland Collage

    My grandma is from Ireland and I am very proud of my Irish roots.