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  • Raindrop

    Each twinkle is for a loved one that has passed away x

  • Alice In Wonderland Collage

    My grandma is from Ireland and I am very proud of my Irish roots.

  • half hearts

    My half heart tattoos were my first tattoos and hold my grandparents names above them, they were the ones who always believed in me and gave me my love for music and art.

  • My first one

    Is Saint Uriel Archangel’s representation. He’s the fire of God and also is protector of spirituality and wisdom. I have it on my back’s left side, just on my heart spot… because I want to he look after me for… [ read more ]

  • Family Back

    There is one thing that should be an all-important thing in everyone’s life, and this thing is their family. I’m not an expection for me they are everything. I would be empty without them.

  • Family cross

    Names of my family members , roses signify death, heavenly, and love. Blue ribbon mean the impossible, the writing says ” only lord knows”

  • BlackBettie

    It is everything I love!

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