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  • Family cross

    Names of my family members , roses signify death, heavenly, and love. Blue ribbon mean the impossible, the writing says ” only lord knows”

  • BlackBettie

    It is everything I love!

  • Family love means EVERYTHING

    This tattoo means the most for me, i got this and an M for my own name on the other side of my eye. This V is the first letter in my sisters name, and she means the world to… [ read more ]

  • Family Remembrance

    It signifies three people that died while I was in Army basic training to become and infantryman to include: My uncle John, My grandmother, and the dog tags are for my grandfather tho died in the Vietnam War.

  • thisone

  • MeandZoey

    Represents my 3 children, Mother, Father and Sister

  • image

    My brother is probably the most important person in my life. He was in the Navy, later on joined the Marine Corps, and I missed him like hell when he was gone. I got this tattoo so I’d always feel… [ read more ]