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  • 100 Acre Woods

    I love Boris’ work and this client also, so it was a love for us both and I am very pleased with the final product

  • Darkside

    include a lot of detail.

  • Artist: Donnie Starr

    Its a childhood thing, i have an amazing tattoo artist that is able to make it exactly what I want and then some. Not to mention the fact that it is unique.

  • My Sparkly Bitch Ink

    This tattoo in particular ‘My Sparkly Bitch Ink’, reminds me of my demons I over come and my healing – the stages of life where I thought I could never over come, but I soon did. I look up to… [ read more ]

  • Issues

    This tattoo is entitled ‘Issues’ inspired by my favorite band Korn and one of their hit songs.

  • Off to Sea

    My dad was a Sailor so this tattoo is dedicated to him.

  • Drac

    Free as a dragon…

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