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  • Peacock Feather in Ear

  • With pain comes beauty

    Each item represents me as a person with their meanings behind them

  • One Cent Sparrow

    This tattoo is based off of Matthew 10:29-31. As a sinful person it’s hard to remember that God would even notice me but as the verse says, not one sparrow falls apart from God. If God can see a bird… [ read more ]

  • Strength

    My family and I have a disease called Neurofibromatosis type 2. This disease causes tumors to grow on our nerves and cause a lot of pain and issues throughout the body. I am 29 and I have already had 2… [ read more ]

  • Peacock feathers

    I love peacock feathers, love the colours, this was my very first tattoo- designed and planned it for over a year.

  • Peacock Quill Neck Tattoo

    Signifies my love and competitive nature of writing.

  • new feather tattoo

    It represents then fresh start I haveadd in my life, the birds breaking away from the feather represent freedom.

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