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  • summer ink

    I decided on this side piece after a rough patch in my life, my feather proves how I feel about myself in side and out. Which is a huge turn around from how I used to feel and be told… [ read more ]

  • On my waist

    Its Indian national bird peacock

  • Compass and feather

    Each coordinate represents something different and the feather is for luck.

  • Deer&Roses

    This tattoo means a lot to me I’ve always seen Deer Skulls as tough and bad ass and have always wanted one as a tattoo. Though I also wanted it to be slightly girly to show that I am tough… [ read more ]

  • Someday I’ll fly away

    It means to me that some day I will be free and that I can do what I want, have no worries , pain or anything.

  • Watercolor peacock feather

  • Feather wrist tattoo

    The meaning of this tattoo is the fact of being independent and free like a feather.