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  • Howling Wolf

  • Ganesha

    Ganesha has a deep meaning for me because he stands for overcoming obstacles and good luck. I was going through a hard time and still do occasionally. When i look in the mirror and see him it helps focus my… [ read more ]

  • skull headress

  • headdress

    To remind me of my heritage

  • Skull headdress

  • Bear Paw Dream Catcher

    I got this tattoo because I am part Native American and I have always loved their art and been fascinated by their cultures and ways of life.

  • Dream Catcher

    At a young age dreaming more often than not meant nightmares or night terrors so I alway had an affinity towards dream catchers. Being part Native also made it seem fitting to have a dream catcher tattooed on me. Anyways,… [ read more ]