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  • Masquerade

    This tattoo is so beautiful to me on all levels. I’ve been waiting for it for a very long time. Peacock feathers symbolize openmindedness and protection. Where as the mask represents not hiding who you are. I eventually want the… [ read more ]

  • Noi Siamese 3

    Its beautiful and u love it.

  • Wolf

    It represents myslef within all of wolf characteristics, and feathers represent courage and luck.

  • desirable dreamcatcher

    this piece is exceptionally special because it is my one and only cover up piece. and it was also my first side/rib piece. my second tattoo was a cluster of stars that I’ve been dying to cover up since I… [ read more ]

  • NomeDreamcatcher

    Positive energy. Catches any negative thoughts or feelings.

  • Howling Wolf

  • Ganesha

    Ganesha has a deep meaning for me because he stands for overcoming obstacles and good luck. I was going through a hard time and still do occasionally. When i look in the mirror and see him it helps focus my… [ read more ]

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