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  • Beard Ink by Vru

    Beard is sexy

  • Cobra

  • Octopus on a feet

    It means how family, friends and people from your past sometimes can hold you back when you are trying to move forward in life, just because they do not share your ideas or desicions.

  • My tattoo in memory of my father.

    This tattoo has great significance to me because growing up as i child i remember that my father had eyes tattooed on his feet. He passed away when i was six and in his memory both me and my brother… [ read more ]

  • Red back Spider

    The red back spider signifies strength and devotion to motherhood. The red back in the Zodiac represents “Scorpio”. This is my daughter’s sign. Also, my spider is free of the web signifying to me that I am free of the… [ read more ]

  • Till death do us part

    A lot of people seem to get married and divorced as if it’s an everyday thing. I love the fact that in the good old days when people got married the phrase ’till death do us part’ was true. The… [ read more ]

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