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  • Smile

    I got this tattoo during the (so far) hardest part of my life. A reminder to smile. plus I enjoy photography.

  • Winged Fears

    I only fear two things. 1. heights 2. Death

  • My doves in heaven, they are watching over me

    This tattoo represents my father and stepfather that both past away, both significant men in my life. They where my protectors and mentors . They will always guide and protect me, they will always watch over my. By locating it… [ read more ]


    different times in my life, my father’s death, joys and sorrows, heartbreaks female clowns are women with two faces in my life, devotion to Santa Muerte and the chinca admircion culture

  • Feminine Flower

    Done by artist: Tommy Keaton

  • Lost

  • Gretel from Glenn Arthur

    I have always loved Hansel & Gretel story and today I have my own shop in France inspired by sweets and cakes. I believe that Glenn Arthur did an amazing job with the drawing from his ‘Forever Fabled’ collection. This… [ read more ]